What is Invisible Cinema?

Invisible Cinema is a community video shop and art gallery.
We rent, sell and special order DVDs, Blurays and soundtrack albums.
The space also houses a small visual art gallery, known as Wurm Gallery.
Where are you located?

Invisible Cinema is located at 
319 Lisgar St. (at Bank St.) in centretown Ottawa, Canada.
Our entrance is behind Wallack's and next to the Bible House .
Is the store accessible?

The store is on the second floor and is, unfortunately, not accessible to all mobilities -
though we are happy to accomodate all needs within the best of our abilities.
Please call us should you require special accomodations or assistance.

What are the store hours?

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - 1pm - 9pm
Wednesday - 1pm - 9pm
Thursday - 1pm - 9pm
Friday - 10am-10pm
Saturday - 1pm - 10pm
Sunday - 1pm - 8pm
How do I become a member?

It’s simple and free. To sign up to become a member please present yourself to the cash
with a piece of photo i.d. and a valid credit card. It only takes a minute.
What are the rental terms?

The default rental period is 2 days. We are, however, very flexible. If you are renting several films or
you require more time please ask and we can adjust the return time for you in our system at no extra charge.
Do you have  a searchable rental database on-line?

Currently, we do not. We do, however, update the new releases by month on the front of this website.
If you would like to inquire about a title please feel free to call us at 613-237-0769, email at
info [at] or, better yet, come in and talk to us.
Do you sell films?

Yes. We stock several hundred on any given day and are able to order any DVD or Bluray in print in North America.
We are also happy to hunt down and import special orders from the UK or Asia.
What is Wurm Gallery?

Wurm Gallery is a fine art gallery located within Invisible Cinema dedicated to presenting and showcasing
regional and national visual artists. With an emphasis on pop, street, and poster art, as well as photography,
tattoo, collage, knitting, weaving, dollmaking, sculpture, and character illustration,
the gallery has mounted nearly one hundred shows in 12 years
including but not limited to those from:

Dave Cooper, Stefan Thompson, Julian Garner, Howie Tsui, Raymond Biesinger,
 Matthew Feyld, Patrick Thompson, Seripop, Doublenaut, Skuzzles,
Danica A. Olders,
Lindsay Campbell, Clint Eagleson (aka Berzerker),
Dixon (Juan Carlos Noria), Peter Guindon, Amy Alice Thompson,
Alex Stursberg, Marysol Foucault, Drew Mosley, Jennifer Stewart,
Guen Douglas, Joel Conroy,
Brendan de Montigny, Darryl Reid ,
Carl Stewart & Pedro Isztin.
How do I show my stuff or curate an exhibit at Wurm Gallery?

We are currently taking a moratorium on exhibitions, but please feel free to submit a sample of your work and
a proposal for the show you would potentially mount to info [at]
We appreciate and thank you for your interest.
Can I buy this rare and out of print DVD from your rental inventory?

No thank you, but we can order any in-print titles.
Do you buy or trade used films?

Yes, though it truly depends on the title and condition. You can either drop by with the titles
you would like to sell or email info [at] with your inquiry.
Do you have a monthly flat rate?

Can my dog come in?

Yes, please.
Are you closing?

We are currently OPEN.
Has the disappearance of Blockbuster and Rogers impacted business?

Sorry, could you please repeat that, I can’t hear you behind all this money.
In reality, we may offer some of the same products and services, but it is
a very different - and decidely "anti-corporate" - experience here, though one that
still must contend with the twin cankers of entitlement and convenience.
What's the most you ever lost in a coin toss?


319 Lisgar St.
Ottawa, ON
K2P 0E1

(613) 237-0769
info (at)



Tuesday 1pm - 9pm
Wednesday 1pm - 9pm
Thursday 1pm - 9pm
Friday 10am - 10pm
Saturday 1pm - 10pm
Sunday 1pm - 8pm

 1st Film - $4.42
2nd  Film - $4.42
3rd Film -  $3.54
4th Film  - $2.66
5th Film - $2.66

For 2-Days
We are, however, very flexible.
Please ask if you require more time.

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