Dec 192012

Invisible Cinema, Ottawa Explosion & Punk Ottawa present

Midnight Lullabies: Three Years of Photographing Ottawa’s Music Underground

Photographs by Darryl Reid

One Month Exhibit
December 21, 2012 – January 23, 2013

Opening night: Friday December 21st 8pm
2012 Holiday Toast with music and drinks.

About the artist:
Darryl Reid taught himself photography with his mother’s thirty-year-old Pentax K1000. He shoots in a variety of mediums and formats, including: Polaroid, 4×5, medium format, digital and 35mm film. Midnight Lullabies collects images documenting various basement, legion and bar shows in Ottawa in recent years and marks Darryl’s first exhibit at Wurm Gallery.

To preview poster:

To preview blog:

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Nov 222012

Wurm Gallery | Invisible Cinema presents

Black and White Illustrations by

Raymond Biesinger

A Book Launch and One Month Print Exhibit
November 23 – December 19, 2012

Opening Night:
Friday November 23rd, 2012 8pm at Wurm Gallery | Invisible Cinema
With a Presentation Talk and Slide Show, Drinks and DJ Skid Vicious.
Books and Prints will be available for sale.

Black and White Illustrations by Raymond Biesinger, the book, is a self-published 208 page 8″ square collection of black and white illustrations dating back from the year 2002 to present. The images within had been made for everything from the New York Times to Raymond’s band, the Famines, to Xeroxed zines and arts weeklies. Also included in the book: a chapter containing only previously unseen rough sketches, and a chapter exclusively holding Famines material. The cover and rear are embossed, and there are 9300 words worth of endnotes that give context to the more interesting of the images.

Artist’s Statement:
“I’ve held one notion close to me for more than a decade now: that we live in a fantastically rich time and place, and almost anything is possible. In that environment, the most original and interesting thing you can do is impose limitations on yourself. Likewise, we live in a time and place where decoration is king and content is out of fashion. I am a fan of the latter, and not the former.”

About Raymond Biesinger:
Raymond Biesinger is a Montreal-based illustrator who spent a very long time in Canada’s west, and he’s been lucky enough to work with clients like the New Yorker, Monocle, Le Monde, Time, GQ, Wired, the Globe & Mail, etc. He’s also in a noise-garage band called the Famines, likes working in B&W best, and wishes he still owned a Xerox machine. For more information:

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Aug 072012

Wurm Gallery | Invisible Cinema presents:


Paintings by Lindsay Campbell

One Month Exhibit
August 10th – September 12th, 2012

Opening Night: This Friday August 10th 8pm
Drinks and homemade vegan treats

About the show:
Canis Flora is a very lighthearted and fun body of work. It was a chance for me to take a break from my usual style which can be very emotionally taxing. Although I am no longer a supporter of breeding, I have always been fascinated by how many different breeds of dogs there are. What other mammal has such a wide range of variety and characteristics like the domestic dog. All animals are fascinating and beautiful, but dogs hold a very special place in my heart.

I drew some characters after I was approached for this show. One of them being a spaniel surrounded by blossoms. I pushed it further and suddenly the flowers were an extension of her fur, and quickly became ears. I loved it and started drawing dog-flower hybrids. Boxers with clumps of cacti growing from their backs…Newfoundlands sprouting water lilies while they swam…even a bouquet of Chihuahua hydrangeas. The best part was pairing up different dog breeds to species of flower. I tried to match up similar shapes, textures, and personalities. I saw pansies in the flat faces of Shih Tzu and bunches of lilacs in the curly hair of a Poodle. The possibilities were endless and addicting. All species, be it plant or mammal, share a collective heart and spirit under God…so it wasn’t difficult to find similarity and flow between them.

For 3 months I painted these strange hybrids. I drew a lot of inspiration from vintage botanical illustrations and tried to mimic their observatory way of painting…focusing on form, colour, and details. Plain backgrounds, simple watercolour, and clean line helped achieve this effect. Some of them really started to take on a life of their own and I could often see them animated in my mind…little puppies tumbling out of terracotta pots or digging holes in the earth to rest their roots in. I only hope people will get the same joy out of them as I did and maybe come up with a hybrid or two of their own.

About Lindsay Campbell:
Lindsay Campbell is a Montreal-based artist. Her paintings positively radiate warmth, love, loss, sexuality, and tenderness. You either want to hug them, or better yet, you feel like you’re being hugged by them. Lindsay is heavily involved with animal liberation and draws inspiration and wisdom from her four legged friends. They are the reason her art is what it is today.

Facebook event here.

For more information:

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Jul 032012

Wurm Gallery | Invisible Cinema presents:

New Collage Works from Alex Stursberg

One Month Exhibit

July 5th – August 8th, 2012

Opening Night: Thursday July 5th 8pm

About the show:
This July, Vancouver based visual artist Alex Stursberg presents a variety of recent collage based works at Wurm Gallery, Ottawa. A transplant of the region, this will mark Stursberg’s second solo exhibition in the city. REVERIE is imagined as a manifestation of select daydreams, or the result of the subconscious being consciously parsed. In this context, Stursberg has intentionally sought out materials that serve the makeup of his mind. Sources chosen for this purpose are key; however the method employed is equally paramount. By reinterpreting the characters, creatures, and places that occupy his mind, Stursberg seeks to rectify the sponge like tendencies of the brain with conscious choice. In this regard, these images are questioned through a process of deconstruction and reinvention. Each work attempts disruption of our cognitive comforts. What is learned and accepted is torn down and rebuilt. Challenging the familiar, REVERIE seeks a space in which unfamiliar areas of the psyche are highlighted and the surreal blends with the known.

Alex Stursberg:
Stursberg is a Vancouver based multimedia artist that enjoys marrying familiar cultural representations with the strange and surreal. His work has been displayed and featured in a variety of galleries and publications across North America. He is influenced by his friends, Psychedoolia, the outdoors, folk/Canadiana, Dada, and childhood cartoons.

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