Mar 092013

In the race to Die Hard in the White House, Olympus Has Fallen will be first to fry lard in the multiplex flop house. But will it be any fun? From the company that brought you Sharks in Venice, Mansquito, and Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, at $80 million dollars it has a strange A-list meets mock-buster pedigree which might only work in a packed house of freeloaders. So…

VVS Films and Invisible Cinema would like to give you and a guest the opportunity to join us for the Ottawa premiere of White House Taken Olympus Has Fallen this Thursday March 14th at 7pm at Coliseum Ottawa (3090 Carling Avenue).

To enter, email info (at) with the subject “Olympus” and include your name and phone number. Winners will be drawn at random by end of day Monday.

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