Jan 192014


Chris Colohan (Toronto) and Joseph Sulier (St. Louis)

from the new books/zines Negative Space and A House Full of Broken Instruments.

Wurm Gallery (Invisible Cinema)
319 Lisgar St. Ottawa, ON
Saturday, February the 8th at 8pm
Suggested $5 donation
Refreshments will be provided.

Chris Colohan is best known for singing in a half-dozen Southern Ontario hardcore bands over the years, including LEFT FOR DEAD, BURNING LOVE, CURSED, and RUINATION. Joseph Sulier lives in St. Louis, where he has also played in many bands, including THE BREAKS and VOIGHT-KAMPFF. Chris and Joseph also sometimes write words without songs. To promote the printing of these words-without-songs in new texts, they are embarking on a 10-city tour. Please come out and say hi.

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