Jul 032012

Wurm Gallery | Invisible Cinema presents:

New Collage Works from Alex Stursberg

One Month Exhibit

July 5th – August 8th, 2012

Opening Night: Thursday July 5th 8pm

About the show:
This July, Vancouver based visual artist Alex Stursberg presents a variety of recent collage based works at Wurm Gallery, Ottawa. A transplant of the region, this will mark Stursberg’s second solo exhibition in the city. REVERIE is imagined as a manifestation of select daydreams, or the result of the subconscious being consciously parsed. In this context, Stursberg has intentionally sought out materials that serve the makeup of his mind. Sources chosen for this purpose are key; however the method employed is equally paramount. By reinterpreting the characters, creatures, and places that occupy his mind, Stursberg seeks to rectify the sponge like tendencies of the brain with conscious choice. In this regard, these images are questioned through a process of deconstruction and reinvention. Each work attempts disruption of our cognitive comforts. What is learned and accepted is torn down and rebuilt. Challenging the familiar, REVERIE seeks a space in which unfamiliar areas of the psyche are highlighted and the surreal blends with the known.

Alex Stursberg:
Stursberg is a Vancouver based multimedia artist that enjoys marrying familiar cultural representations with the strange and surreal. His work has been displayed and featured in a variety of galleries and publications across North America. He is influenced by his friends, Psychedoolia, the outdoors, folk/Canadiana, Dada, and childhood cartoons.



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