Mar 242012

Wurm Gallery | Invisible Cinema presents


Greta Grip and Erin Robertson at Wurm Gallery

One Month Exhibit
March 29th – April 25th, 2012

Greta Grip and Erin Robertson play with their food. Meat in particular. Vanitas is a term for 17th-century Dutch still-life paintings often included imagery such as rotting meat, candles and skulls; reminders of our mortality. Jana Sterbak’s 1987, Vanitas: Flesh Dress for An Albino Anorectic. Sterbak’s intention was to address issues of fashion, consumption and the body, as “you are what you wear”.

Cold Cut introduces Greta Grip’s Homage to Artist Series which begins with a knitted Meat Dress. This Meat Dress, inspired by Jana Sterbak, was stitched together with fifteen knitted flank steaks. It was then scanned onto machine knitted fabric that can be purchased and worn by many. A QR (Quick Response) Code was generated in order to connect the machine knitted fabric to the hand knitted Meat Dress. Grip plays with the historically, slow and meticulous method of hand knitting with contemporary, instantly reproducible attained scans and QR codes. Robertson’s oil paintings of flesh and bone, in contrast explore the visceral in her interpretation of momento mori.

Cold Cut opens Thursday March 29, 7pm at Wurm Gallery, located in Invisible Cinema 319 Lisgar St. Ottawa. Food and drink will be served. This event is sponsored by Murray Street Kitchen Wine Charcuterie. Vegetarian snacks courtesy of the video vegans.

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Feb 202012

Wurm Gallery | Invisible Cinema presents:

emotional topologies

Photographic Works by Jennifer Stewart

One Month Exhibit
February 24 – March 28, 2012

Opening Friday February 24th, 2012 8pm onwards
The opening will feature a live performance by Eraserheads
(Omar David Rivero of J’envoie and Daughters of the Revolution // Jamie Kronick of the Paramedics).

About emotional topologies:

a one-to-one mapping between two figures that evolves in both directions. this narrative explores the convergence and continuity within one’s state of feelings.

a hollow body attempts to cultivate a truism of self.

Frames are being prepared:

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Jan 212012

Wurm Gallery | Invisible Cinema presents:


“More Liquidation Landscapes”

One Month Exhibit
January 27th – February 22nd, 2012

Opening Night: Friday January 27th, 2012 8pm

About the show:

“My current images conjure up themes of glorified warfare in pop culture, the social dominance of the mesomorphic male, assorted gender role conflicts, general distrust amongst people, a caste system in regards to love, nepotism in politics and the workplace and a general feeling of natural selection in spite of hollow promises of equality… but it should be noted that in the end, these images also portray the artist’s new acceptance and comfort in his mediocrity.”

About Peter Guindon:

Before perverting the world in the pages of Cinema Sewer, Peter grew up in idyllic suburban Ottawa, acquired a BFA at the University of Windsor followed by an animation certificate at Algonquin. He spent the early to mid 2000s working as a professional animator until the Canadian 2D animation industry was gutted by lack of funding and slave labour overseas, and then resorted to menial labour in order to make ends meet. He wallowed in self-pity for a couple of years until he decided to re-invent his life. In 2010, he packed his belongings and moved to Asia to teach whilst trying to find fresh opportunities to showcase his artwork. He is taking in a new culture learning a new language and meeting new people. Peter Guindon heartily recommends stark lifestyle and geographical shifts for those failing to realise their passion in their current abyss. As for his work, Peter says, “I am inspired by the artwork of Bosch, Breughel, and George Tooker. I am also visually inspired by 1920s fashion, medieval architecture and regalia, as well as modern day smog-filled skies and devastated landscapes. I believe my works offer glimpses of all of these influences to a certain degree.”

Should be good, come check it out.

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Dec 132011

Invisible Cinema | Wurm Gallery presents

New works by Patrick Thompson
December 16th, 2011 – January 18th, 2012

Opening Night: Friday December 16th, 2011 8pm

An Invisible Cinema Holiday Toast with snacks, drinks and vegan desserts
courtesy of Auntie Loo’s.

Patrick Thompson:

Born in Ottawa in 1978, Patrick Thompson makes work that encompasses a variety of approaches, including painting, installation, sculpture both indoors and out.

In his works, in both two and three dimensions, Thompson lets his experimentation with materials, process and color guide each piece separately.

Patrick Thompson lives and works in Toronto. He studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design for a short time before working under artist Mark Marsters in Ottawa. His work has been exhibited around the world, including the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, the Nanjing Arts Institute in Nanjing. China, Articulate Baboon Gallery in Cairo. Egypt and the Royal Ontario Museum’s ICC. Thompson also paints large scale murals in Canada’s high arctic. Recently Thompson produced THINK TENT at Toronto’s Le Labo art space which brought together a dozen teachers, artists and thinkers to brainstorm web based solutions to problems found in the education system. The discussion became the inspiration for his exhibition at the gallery. In January, Thompson will join Iqaluit based artist Danny Osborne in Hawaii to collaborate on a series of Osborne’s Red Hot Lava sculptures.

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